A San Antonio, Tex. doctor will not prescribe you birth control so that you don’t turn into an obese, disease-ridden slut within a year of receiving the prescription. Unless you are married, in which case she may prescribe you birth control, in order to regulate your period or some other such acceptable ladypart treatment. I am not making this up:

The doctor, Michelle Phillips, appeared on the Here & Now radio show with Robin Young to explain the particular details of why no woman should never, ever, ever make an appointment with her (Hint: it’s got something to do with Jesus).

Phillips resigned from her hospital last year after refusing to prescribe birth control to single women (and also, probably, for having some totally fucked up views on medicine). Scroll down to “Overturn for Bush’s Provider Conscience Rule?” to hear her her talk how she carefully interviews patients to determine their relationship status before imparting medical advice, why your “decisions” shouldn’t have to effect her “conscience,” and why only married women should be able to prevent pregnancy (even though pregnancy outside of wedlock is bad and abortions are out of the question).

photo by nateOne