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The GLLU, MPD’s Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit, serves the District’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities. A round-up of the past week’s crime reports—including missing victims, fraudulent sexual partners, and a couple club fights—below.

FEB. 3, 2009. A man contacted the GLLU to report an assault from way back on Jan. 16, 2009. At 16th and K Sts. NW, the man says, “he was grabbed in a sexual manner by another male.” Despite the time lapse, “the suspect has been identified and an affidavit in support of an arrest warrant will be presented to the United States Attorney’s Office.”

MISSING VICTIM. FEB. 4, 2009, AT 8 P.M. A female called the GLLU “seeking assistance with retrieving her personal property from her former residence.” She had broken up with her girlfriend, she said, and was moving out. When the GLLU arrived however, “the victim was not present and has not returned phone calls attempting to reschedule a time to retrieve her property and interview her regarding any violence in the relationship.”

TRANSGENDER FEMALE: PLEASE CALL ME. FEB. 5, 2009, AT NOON. The GLLU was contacted on the behalf of a “Transgender female” who claims she “is being photographed without her consent, while at work in Maryland.” The photographs, she says, “are being posted on the Internet.”

INAUGURAL DAMAGE: FEB. 9 2009. A “mental health professional” contacted the GLLU to report the “victimization of one of his clients.” The man had been “involved in an argument with his former boyfriend” on inauguration day, when the boyfriend “threw the victim’s personal property out of a second floor window, causing some of the property to become destroyed.” The victim fled. The GLLU helped locate “emergency shelter for the victim.” For the boyfriend? “A warrant.”

PUNCHING VICTIM: FEB. 9 2009 at 3 A.M. A “Transgender individual” reports that while walking in Northeast, “two individuals approached the victim and punched the victim in the face, causing minor injury.” The attack, the victim says, was “unprovoked.” SUSPECT: “a black male, with a medium brown facial complexion, about 5’8” tall and 180 lbs. . . . having shoulder length dreadlocks in his hair.”

GET YOUR FRAUD, METH, ASS OUT OF MY CONDO. FEB. 13 2009. A man contacted the GLLU for help “having someone removed from his condominium.” That “someone” was a former lover, and not a friend: “According to the victim, he met the suspect five days prior and the two engaged in a brief intimate relationship. The victim allowed the suspect to stay in his condominium for several days. When the victim asked the suspect to leave, he refused.: Two days later, police arrived on the scene and “arrested the suspect for possession of methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia. He also had a pending arrest warrant in Georgia for Identity Theft, Fraud and Theft of Credit Cards.” GLLU HEART-TO-HEART: “The GLLU reminds members of the community to not invite strangers to their homes for the purpose of sexual liaisons. Additionally, it is ill-advised to allow individuals, about whom you know very little, to stay in your home with access to your valuables and other belongings.”

SEXTING: NOT JUST FOR TEENS! FEB. 14 2009 AT 8 A.M. A man contacted the GLLU to report some photo trouble. The man had “engaged in consensual sexual activity with [a group of] other men and allowed digital photographs to be taken of himself with the other men.” When he left the orgy, however, “he decided he did not want the photos distributed and demanded they be deleted.” GLLU reports that a member of its team “accompanied the male to the event location, in Southwest Washington, D.C. and negotiated the deletion of the photos from the digital camera.” Oh, also, duh: “All parties appeared to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or other drugs.”

ASSAULT IN DA CLUB. FEB 15, 2009, at 12:30 A.M. Officers responded to a club in the 1800 block of Half Street SW. Inside, they “located a male victim, suffering from a minor injury to his face and nose. The suspect was located and arrested.”

ASSAULT AGAIN IN DA CLUB. FEB 16 2009 AT 2 A.M. The GLLU was helping with “the closing of a club in the 1800 block of Half Street SW” (HMM!) when “an employee summoned assistance regarding an assault inside the club.” Again. “Officers located the combatants upstairs and the investigation revealed the two women assaulted each other. Both were heavily intoxicated. Both were arrested. There were no injuries.”

Photo by Calc-tufa