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The feminist blogosphere is up in arms over a Las Vegas Review-Journal story which published the photos, provided by the city’s vice team, of “Las Vegas’ 50 most prolific prostitutes.” Ann ofFeministing writes, “As I scroll down the page, reading this article, the women’s photos run down the entire lefthand side. I mean, they just keep coming. This whole thing is so painfully gendered and shaming. Who is this helping?”

Outing these women—-not their pimps, not their madams, not their johns—-reflects poorly on Las Vegas’ anti-prostitution efforts. Also reflecting poorly on Las Vegas’ vice team? It’s “50 most prolific prostitutes” aren’t very prolific at all. Most of them have been arrested for pretty minor offenses. Hell, Vegas can do better than this:

“Loitering for purposes of prostitution.” That seems a bit secondary, but okay—-the Las Vegas Review-Journal says Christina Amos was hanging out “,” and who am I to question the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s characterization? Let’s look at another of the Review-Journal‘s prostitutes:

“Trespassing,” eh? Hey—-that’s not trading sex for money! Let’s try again:

Here we have another young, blonde tresspasser. Where are the prostitutes, Las Vegas Review Journal?

Not here.

Nope, not here either.

Now they’re just effing with us.

Of the 24 “most wanted prostitutes” featured in the Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s story, 23 were arrested for “trespassing.” One was arrested for “