Last Saturday, George Mason University elected a man as Homecoming Queen. Newly mintedoyalty Ryan Allen, a 22-year-old gay man who “performs as a popular drag queen at local clubs,” is now GMU’s first male “Ms. Mason.” He accepted the honor in “a sequined top, a black skirt and heels” (size 12). Despite being far and away the most awesome Ms. Mason in the university’s history*, “sophomore Grant Bollinger” is annoyed!:

“It’s really annoying,” said Bollinger, who works as an ambassador for the admissions office. “The game was on TV. Everyone was there. All eyes were on us. And we do something like this? It’s just stupid.”

Oh, good thing that Grant Bollinger, admissions office ambassador, is here to rescue GMU’s brief moment in the national spotlight by sharing his annoyance! Hey, everybody, for the record, Grant Bollinger thinks this is stupid. So when you think of George Mason, world, please: remember sophomore admissions officer ambassador Grant Bollinger‘s cry.

* Note: I have never heard of any other Ms. Mason, ever