March is Women’s History Month, which I plan to celebrate by ceremoniously deleting the press release the U.S. Census sends out listing boring statistics pertaining to ladies. Welp, here we goooo . . . hey, wait! Something actually interesting!

According to data collected in the 2007 American Community Survey, women workers earn less than male workers in all 50 states. Only in the District of Columbia are women’s median earnings equal to that of its men. Well, almost equal—-women who work full-time year-round earn 93.4 percent as much as men who do the same, a difference the census deems not statistically significant.

Women’s wages in D.C. aren’t only more equal than in any other state. They’re also higher. In no state is a woman’s median income above $50,000 a year, but D.C. gets pretty close: Our median is $49,364. Only in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey are median wages for women even above the $40,000 mark.

Photo by ziak