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Welcome back to Daily Palin, in which we detail Sarah Palin’s refusal to go away—every day. The morning news from the Sarah Palin daycare center, below:

BE LIKE BRISTOL: Because they are sexist and/or simply completely inane, U.S. News and World Report asked readers who they’d rather have run their kids’ daycare center: Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi. Guess who’s winning?

  1. 34.89% First lady Michelle Obama’s
  2. 60.83% Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s
  3. 2.07% Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s
  4. 2.21% House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s

Ouch, Hills.

BECAUSE, WHY NOT: Question of the day: “Has Bristol Palin weighed in on the Octomom?

FIRST DUDE WINTER SPORTS CORNER: Todd Palin‘s snow machine of choice: Revealed! Dude drives a He “two stroke engine Arctic Cat snowmobile.” What can that baby do? Dump “the same number of some pollutants into the environment as driving a Chevy Malibu 28 times around the earth at the equator.” Wicked.

HONOR BRISTOL: Choice Matters sayeth: “The temptation is to be glib, to say “duh! You think after getting pregnant and having the baby, while a teenager in high school…” but that would be an easy shot and a meaningless one.” Instead, send her a fucking t-shirt. Click here to view Choice Matters’ choices, including the “Oops . . . Plan B” Spaghetti Tank.

SARAH PALIN: HERO. Obama is first. Jesus is second. Sarah Palin came in 21st. Hey, she beat Bill Gates.

BLAME/COMMEND The Miss America Foundation for getting Sarah Palin through college—-all four of them!

IN DEFENSE OF THE MEDIA: Matt Lauernever called Palin a moron.”

PALIN 2012 WATCH: Since we all know Palin will clinch the Republican nomination anyway, let’s start speculating on running-mates. How about this guy? Sure, whatever.

DRINK THE SAND (SARAH PALIN IS THE SAND): “The people who criticize Sarah Palin, occasionally have valid arguments, but they’re missing the point. If perhaps some of Sarah Palin is sand, or muddied water, she’s at least something and she knows it; the Republican Party is practically nothing and it doesn’t.” [Via]