I don’t know how I missed this, but in her unending pursuit of pissing off Ashley Judd / discovering new chili ingredients / proving her own brand of feminism, Sarah Palin has it out for the Alaskan belugas. According to a Salon piece:

But for all the amazing ways that the Cook Inlet belugas cope with their stark environment, there’s one imminent threat for which they have no adaptation: Gov. Sarah Palin.


On Jan. 14, 2009, the Alaska governor announced that the state had filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue the federal government for protecting the whales, arguing that Alaska is already doing enough for the whales in the Inlet. Palin’s chief of staff published an Op-Ed in the Anchorage Daily News on Jan. 28 titled “Protection Requirements for Cook Inlet Belugas Are Silly.”

Yeah, Sarah Palin is suing the federal government because protecting whales is “silly.” I can’t wait until this plays out in the courts.

Photo by steews4