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Roissy thinks that Chris Brown beating Rihanna makes him an “Alpha.” Writes Roissy:

Alpha isn’t always “amused mastery” or grace under pressure. Sometimes, in fact a lot of times, it’s a flying flurry of fists to the face, in the case of Rihanna leaving its demon mark as shadow horns on its victim AKA enabler.

The post then descends into a desperate and masturbatory pursuit of page views.

My favorite response to Roissy, from Uncommon Priors:

I am tempted to fly to D.C. and manifest my alphaness by beating the shit out of Roissy for this post.

Perhaps some good can come of this. All the men who think they’re the Alpha-est get together and try to beat each other up the hardest. The winner gets to blog about how much he hates women from prison, where he won’t get to see any.