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“Sex-positive porn”: Actually just like regular porn, but with hipsters.

Molly Redden from The Georgetown Voice is exhaustively covering the university’s “Sex Positive Week” over at student blog Vox Populi. Some Hoyas are pissed off that GU is helping fund the week’s activities. So—-what exactly are they upset about? What does “Sex Positive” mean, anyway?

Unfortunately, I missed Monday’s opening panel discussion entitled “SEX POSITIVE… WHAT’S THAT?,” which I’m sure would have answered all my questions. Thankfully, Redden’s blurb on last night’s “Torn about Porn” event provides a working definition: She describes sex-positive porn as “affirming rather than objectifying or exploitative, like sex-negative porn.”

At the “Torn about Porn” event, participants were asked to judge whether porn site No Fauxxx was sex-positive or sex-negative. “No Fauxxx” bills itself as “an authentic underground porn site fed on love, art, and above all—-raw, dirty, sexuality.” It claims to stand for “Arousal,” an “All-inclusive casting attitude,” “High Art,” “Accessibility,” “Safer sex and consent,” “Breaking stereotypes,” “A female-friendly perspective,” a “worker-friendly perspective,” a “female-friendly perspective,” “Trans-friendly,” and “Respectful.”

But without the mission statement, does No Fauxxx’s porn look any different? According to Redden, “While you can construe the ten or so images in the slideshow as ‘offensive,’ the conversation was grounded, with most students concluding that porn is porn, and these images in particular are just ‘porn with hipsters in it.'”

So, what is sex-positive porn? Just like regular porn, just more obnoxious.

Photo by miniroom549