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Ultimate Fighting hit Fairfax on Saturday. Shit. Feminism writing is boring, compared to phrases like these:

“Patterson disposed of Britt with a choke-out that looked more like a vice grip.”

“Dodson was clearly the superior fighter, using his quickness and athleticism—-highlighted by flying kicks that reached Villirisco’s head—-to earned the decisive victory.”

“However, the crowd was pro- Villirisco, as they chanted ‘Jose’ throughout the match to spur on the diminutive fighter. He was too, quick—-perhaps not as much as Dodson – however, he took a beating at times, but showed a lot of heart, hung in there and finished the fight.”

“Although some in the sport have an aversion to seeing women fight, the Achhal-Herrin fight disproved that notion. . . . Achhal used her ground game to neutralize Herrin’s punching power and athleticism to earn the split decision.”

“Fans booed the outcome, as most were impressed by Herrin’s punching and kicks.”

“Reflective and humble after the victory, Achhal gave a quick statement about the involvement of women in mixed martial arts by saying, ‘we deserve what the guys do, I just proved it.'”

A-ha! Feminism and Ultimate Fighting, together at last!

Photo by pierre lascot