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* PALIN 2012 SIGNS: IMPRACTICAL. Writes Jennifer Berry Hawes, who finds Palin too perfect, her supporters less so: “We drive past our neighbor’s house, which has a Sarah Palin 2012 sign in the yard that for some reason always annoys me. I keep hoping they’ll realize the election is an awful long way off for a poor sign to endure, but there it sits, rain or shine.”

* WHAT IS THE MEANING OF SARAH PALIN? Sarah Palin means something!, Yuval Levin says:

the Palin moment shed a powerful light on the power, the potential, and the ultimate inadequacy of a conservatism grounded solely in cultural populism. It also exposed the vulnerability of the Left to a challenge to its most cherished claims—as the sole representative of the interests of the working class and the only legitimate path to political power for an ambitious woman.

Shit, I was hoping for something a lot spookier.

* ME-OW. Obama has appointed Alaskan State Senator Kim Elton as the director of Alaskan affairs in the Department of the Interior. How nice. Well, everyone thinks that Palin’s farewell speech was really bitchy. Here it is:

Senator Elton pledged his allegiance to President Obama last summer. We wish him well as he moves on and hope that he uses this job for Alaska’s benefit—-to advance the state’s oil and gas issues, including the natural gas pipeline, and to work diligently to remove the barriers imposed upon all states that want to open up their shores to off-shore drilling. I hope he can represent Alaskans by opening ANWR, conveying the importance of responsible mining development, and building roads—-all issues crucial to the future of our state.

* FIRST DUDE WINTER SPORTS CORNER: The new posterchild of the state soverignty movement? Writes Bernie Quigley for the Hill: “I think I found the answer yesterday while eagles soared over Lake Morey in Vermont where dozen of snowmobilers from all over the north country and Canada were doing test runs on the ice at up to 140 miles an hour: Todd Palin.” Quigley says the cause has been bolstered by the image of T.Palin, “champion snowmobile racer . . . real man . . . superior man.”

* INSIDE PALIN’S CPAC APPEARANCE: Palin sat in front of a room of people, watching clips from the 2008 election and yelling at the television.

On why she didn’t answer Katie Couric’s newspaper question: “Because, Katie, you’re not the center of everybody’s universe.”

On Tina Fey‘s impression: “The mama grizzly rises up in me, hearin’ things like that!”

* MEDIA SHOULD HAVE HAD THE BALLS TO LET PALIN FAIL LIVE. Says John Ziegler, mainstream-media-killed-Sarah-Palin-theorist: “The worst mistake the McCain campaign made,” said Ziegler, “was not making sure that every interview Sarah Palin did was live. Having her do taped interviews was the worst mistake. It gave the enemy the opportunity to edit her words, and it let them ask questions they wouldn’t have dared ask her on live TV, because if she got them right they’d look like morons.” The campaign should have booked Palin on Larry King Live. “Larry would have been slobbering over himself, as usual, but with a beautiful woman in front of him he would have been helpless. And she would have looked spectacular.”

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