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While in Mexico over the weekend, I happened across a bargain bin full of over-the-border delicacies: Mexican porn comics selling at 8 pesos each. Behold: Thinking penises! Dialogue I do not quite understand! Women who look like they’re not wearing shirts even when they’re wearing shirts! This week, I’m be reviewing the three titles I picked up. [Read the first installment here]. De nada, guys.

Title: “Golosas del Sexo: ¡Revienta mis pelotas a sentones!”
[“Sweet-tooths of Sex: Burst my balls to (dirty word not in the dictionary)!”]

Distributor: “Textos de Lujuria Y Pasión”
[“Texts of Lust and Passion.”]

Plot: Sexy tennis player shows the guys at the club her sentones, or whatever. Plus some bisexual sub-plot, or maybe they’re just friends.

Sample Dialogue:

Sin dejar de moverse, se metió un par de dedos en la verija. Los metió y los sacó para volver a meterlos y volver a sacarlos
[Without stopping moving, she put a pair of fingers in (what I think is the vagina). She put them in, then removed them, in order to return to put them in again and remove them again].

MUJER: Pobres, me comen con los ojos.
[LADY: Poor men, you eat me with your eyes].

POBRE UNO: Es buena para calentar pitos
POOR MAN ONE: It is good to warm up whistles.

POBRE DOS: Buena no, ¡excelente! Fui . . .
: Good? No. Excellent!

En seguida, se los dio a oler a uno
[Then, she gave it to one to smell].


Luego, al otra.
[Then, the other].

MUJER: Les gusta?
[LADY: You like it?]

POBRE DOS: ¿Bromeas? Por supueso . . . Humm.
POOR MAN TWO: Are you joking? Of course . . . Humm].

En seguida, paro el culo retadoramente.
[Then, she backed up her ass challengingly].


SPANISH LESSON: “Pitos,” or “whistles,” doubles for “penis.” (I think).

BIEN: She backs up her ass challengingly.

MAL: ¿Bromeas? Dialogue leaves something to be desired. Plus, no penis thought bubbles.


RATING: 1/4 ass cheeks slapped with a tennis racquet.