At first, I was incapable of explaining my love for ABC daytime talk show The View. Aren’t all the women on the show vaguely clueless? Then I realized—-No. They are all awesomely, mesmerizingly clueless in their own special way, and this is why I love them.

But who is the most clueless of all?

Obviously, it ain’t Whoopi. Is it evangelical Christian Sherri Shepherd? Conservababe Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Joy Behar, whose cluelessness escapes definition? I submit that Barbra Walters is, in fact, the most clueless. Walters’ particular brand of cluelessness (aging talk-show matriarch) is on full display at Rachel Maddow‘s appearance on the show:

EXHIBIT A: On being gay on television: “You have been, from day one, very open about being a lesbian. There are other people  . . . who are not.”

EXHIBIT B: On the difficulty of coming out to your family before the Internet age: “We didn’t have Youtube, and so on, where you can just . . . “

EXHIBIT C: On Whoopi Goldberg‘s sexuality, which she weirdly implicates there at the end! “Rachel, she’s about to come out of the closet,” Walters says. Whoopi replies: “Hey, that door’s been open for years.” Hold on a second—-was Barbara Walters actually slyly referencing Whoopi Goldberg with her “There are other people  . . . who are not” comment? We can only hope.