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Stem cell or merely stem? You decide.

Finally, ladies! Our extracted fertilized embryos can go toward a good cause, instead of feeding widespread speculation as to our personal sanities. President Obama is to lift restrictions on stem cell research any minute now, the AP reports:

President Barack Obama is ending former President George W. Bush’s limits on using federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research, with advisers calling the move a clear signal that science—-not political ideology—-will guide the administration.

Obama was to sign an executive order and memo Monday in an East Room ceremony, a long-promised move that would fill a campaign promise. Advisers said it was part of a broader declaration on science that would guide the administration’s policies on matters ranging from renewable energy to climate change.

According to the AP, the memorandum will not concern stem cells exclusively but also declare something about how “science” will trump “religious fable” in his “administration.” Which I think is liberal code for, “abortions could cure Alzheimer’s.” Stay tuned.

Photo by vivere libero