REMEMBER THAT DUDE: Who supposedly hacked into Sarah Palin‘s Yahoo! e-mail account last fall with only an easily guessed password hint and a dream? Well, he’s David Kernell, “the son of a Democratic Tennessee legislator,” and he pleaded not guilty yesterday to counts of “fraud, unlawful electronic transmission of material outside Tennessee and attempts to conceal records to impede an FBI investigation.” Is it really fraud if it’s almost too easy?

FIRST DUDE WINTER SPORTS CORNER: Did Todd Palin grow up in a rural Alaskan village or a boutique rural Alaskan village engineered by the hotel industry? You decide.

MIDDLE-AGED MORMON LADY UNEARTHS SECRET TO SAVING DYING MEDIA: Anne Cannon, the woman who yesterday unsuspectingly used “Sarah Palin” and “stripper boots” in the same blog post, has figured out how to save us all. “In just a few hours there have been over 30 comments posted,” Cannon wrote on her personal blog. “For me this is unusual. Usually I only pull in a couple of public comments a week. The difference? I mentioned ‘Sarah Palin’ and ‘stripper boots’ in my piece.” If a self-described “middle-age Mormon lady” can rake in the hits by simply evoking Palin and sexual imagery—-and if we can all then ride her coattails by linking to her blog posts evoking Palin and sexual imagery—-perhaps this whole crazy media industry can stay afloat.

WANT TO SERVE IN THE ALASKAN SENATE? Palin is taking applications.

CALLING OUT PIPER: “And what is the deal with Piper?” writes the Immortal Majority in its inexplicable obsession with all things Palin (hey, wait a minute . . . ). “Is that child never more then a few feet from Governor Palin at any given time? By my calculations that little girl has not attended school regularly since 2006.” My theory: Piper is just preparing to cover for another unexpected Bristol Palin pregnancy.



Look at Trig’s little glasses!!!1

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