Spotsylvania, Virg. got the honor yesterday of arresting two teens in our first local “sexting” case. Eighteen-year-old Spotsylvania High student Moizeis Ribeiro and a 15-year-old classmate were arrested “on possession of child pornography and electronic solicitation.”

Ribeiro’s partner-in-crime is young enough not to have his name released to the papers, but he’s still old enough to be charged with child porn.

The “sexting” trend was only recently declared a Very Scary Teen Trend by the newsmedia; now, authorities are cracking down. The two Spotsylvania teens allegedly “had nude pictures of underage girls on their cell phones,” which they acquired by asking the girls “to take explicit pictures of themselves” on their own phones, “then text the pictures to the suspects.” The suspects then “sent the photos to various other people.” One, two, three, sexting!

Though one of the “underage girls” is actually older than the youngest suspect—-she’s 16—-another of the victims is considerably younger—-only 12 years old.

The ABC 7 story on the arrest follows up with the obligatory quote about why this Very Scary Teen Trend is actually a widespread epidemic. “County residents and parents say they fear sexting is becoming more and more common. ‘Nowadays, it happens a lot more than people would think. A lot more,’ said Eric Dent, a Spotsylvania County resident.”

Spotsylvania police said they “seized a total of seven cell phones,” and that “more young people could be charged in the case.” Stay tuned as the case of the first busted sexters unfolds.