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Somehow, I think they’ll do all right without him.

LEVI ON THE BREAK-UP: Nineteen-year-old Levi Johnston is single, ladies! His coming out party was held in front of his Wasilla home and was attended by a horde of bloodthirsty reporters. He told the AP that the decision to end things with 18-year-old Bristol was mutual and decided “a while ago.” According to the AP, “He also said some details of the breakup, rumors of which had been swirling on the Internet, were inaccurate.”

THE PAPES REACT: Freedom Eden compiles the worst of the worst:

Chicago Tribune: “No one saw this coming, right?”

Politico: “It’s true. You probably don’t believe it.”

Los Angeles Times: “Bristol Palin, fiance Levi Johnston split. Surprised?”

Boston Herald: “Isn’t this the same Bristol Palin who told Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren last month that her fiancee was a hands-on dad to their son, Tripp, and they hoped to marry after finishing their education?”

And my personal favorite (drumroll please) Christian Science Monitor: “Not even the Love Boat had a happy ending every time. . . . Remember when Charo had a crush on Capitan Stubing and they didn’t end up together? Although we were all heartbroken, Charo moved on. So will Bristol Palin. For all we know, she may be the Charo of the 21st century.”

PILE IT ON: Rabbi Ben Kamin, “Spiritual Life Examiner,” also has something to say!:

It’s impossible not to think of Tripp, the 2½ month-old innocent baby boy who will now not have his father as husband to his mother and whose life will be stamped with the history of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the failure of a couple to keep their much-ballyhooed public promise to wed and raise their son as a family.

Oh yeah, two teenagers who were only engaged because some lady who wanted to be the most powerful Vice President in United States History made them do it, should probably just stay together “for the kids.” That always works out.

HUFFPO’S SNARK: Isn’t just insensitive—-it’s incorrect. Writes Michael Shaw on an “award-winning image by photographer Melina Mara” from Election 2008 that clearly takes on a richer meaning now that Brisvi are over:

I mean, it’s all there: the smirk; the fact sister Willow was mostly the one schlepping Trig; and the irony—-since Bristol‘s since had her own baby—-of being left holding the bottle. (And then, contributing to the family values, remember First Dude‘s tendency—-out of the spotlight—-to put all kinds of distance between himself and little Trig?)

Except that Bristol’s the one holding Trig. Willow’s holding the bottle. The smirk is all hers. And I don’t remember seeing First Dude outside of the spotlight.

FIRST DUDE WINTER SPORTS CORNER: Not a good day for sporting, dudes.

Photo byEmilyfrom Wikipedia Commons