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Don’t you hate it when men pretending to be women slip into your shower while you’re publicly bathing your women and children? Yeah, never happened to me, either.

Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government have come up with a pithy little campaign to oppose those pushing to end discrimination against transgender citizens in the state: “Not My Shower.”

The Maryland state senate has proposed legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity” in employment, housing, and public accommodation.

Hell, no, not in their shower! Dr. Ruth Jacobs, head of the MCRG, explains the real intent of the law: “to give special rights to men who want to dress like women,” allowing them access to women’s restrooms and—-gasp—-public showers. Because making sure that people who choose to clean themselves in public are comfortable being naked in front of strangers is clearly more important than eliminating discrimination in employment and housing for all citizens.

The “Not My Shower” campaigners continue: “With the bill’s vague wording, all an adult male has to do to gain legal access to facilities normally reserved for women and girls is to indicate, verbally or non-verbally, that he has a sense of being female at the moment.” Ugh. Men who would put on dresses in order to scam on naked ladies do not need the help of anti-discrimination laws to follow their creepy molestation dreams. THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT TRANSGENDER, and—-

Let’s pause here for a second. Who do you think is put at the most risk by the shower situation, REALLY?

– Those women and girls who were born male, identify clearly as female, and and are currently being forced to shower alongside groups of dudes who think they look feminine enough to harrass;

– Whining Republican ladies who surreptitiously inspect other women’s genitals in the gym shower to make sure the other ladies’ vaginas are vagina-looking enough to shower alongside them;

– Us all, who must endure lengthy discussions about who may access public showers that, strangely enough, nobody was clamoring to access before. If you’re so scared of being naked in public, wear a bathing suit for Christ’s sake.

Read the full text of the proposed bill here.

Photo by AlmazUK.