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What is with Vice Presidential candidates causing stirs over unwed mamas?

FINALLY: FIANCEE TURNS BABYDADDY, says Sharon Cobb, who thinks the whole blessed holy matrimony schtick Palin paraded the kids around for was just some racist bullshit to begin with:

Why is it that when a white teenage woman gets pregnant out of wedlock it’s a ‘blessed event’ and the father is the ‘fiancé,’ but a person of color is someone we think of as someone on welfare and the man is just the baby daddy? . . . Racism. Alive and sick in America. That’s the difference, and had the Obamas had an 18 year old daughter who was pregnant during the election, you know damn well the stereotypes would have run rampant.

Cobb ends her smack-down by sending Bristol some well-wishes: “Hopefully, her baby daddy former flame will participate as a father.”

LEVI SEES TRIP, Bristol says and AP reports: “Levi sees the baby whenever he wants, the family sees the baby whenever they want,” family spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton told the news org. “Bristol is not preventing anybody from seeing Tripp at any point in time.”

AP IS ALL OVER THIS BRISVI SHIT: The motives of Mercede Johnston, or “Sadie” to Stapleton, have come into question. Stapleton “speculated money was involved in the tabloid interview,” saying that “the fact that it is a tabloid and a soft interview, there could be an incentive to say things. . . . We don’t even know if Sadie said that.” Martin Gould, senior executive editor for Star, the magazine that published the Sadie interview, “declined to say if Mercede Johnston was paid to speak to the Star. But he said the report was accurate.”

WHAT WILL LEVI DO WITH HIS “BRISTOL” RING TATTOO? No, really, what is this dude going to do about that. Cover it with a real wedding ring?

COULD BRISTOL’S SPLIT HELP PALIN’S FUTURE? “These are not the kind of news stories that Palin might hope for, adding to earlier controversies over her fondness for expensive clothes and use of public money for family holidays that have consistently dogged her. Yet once again she is back in the news, and in media-saturated America that gives her an enormous strength that few within the flailing and defeated Republican party can emulate.”

BRISTOL AND LEVI WERE DOOMED, Chicago Tribune reports. Dooooomed, I tell you!:

“Despite high expectations, less than 8 percent of teen mothers marry the baby’s father within one year of the birth,” said Bill Albert, chief program officer for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. “That is magical thinking. It almost never happens.”

Steve Waldman over at Beliefnet wonders if Bristol should have put Tripp up for adoption. Along the way, he actually admits that he thinks a former Vice Presidential candidate’s seventeen years old indignation over fictional unwed mother Murphy Brown was spot-on. “I dunno. I was with Dan Quayle on that one,” he writes. Awesome.