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From tipster Mike Licht at Notions Capital comes this sexist Google correction:

My God. What could it all mean?

Google regularly offers up alternate search terms if they’re similar to your phrase, but a more popular search. Strangely enough, “iron my shirt” became a popular Google search term after a heckler called out the phrase over and over again at a New Hampshire Hillary Clinton rally in January of last year. Relive the moment:


Clinton responded by declaring that “the remnants of sexism are alive and well.” Later, it was revealed that the wrinkled shirt hecklers were two “radio geeks trying to create a radio stunt,” one of whom identified himself to the newsmedia as Hugh Jas.

The Iron-My-Shirt guys (actually Nick Gemelli and Adolfo Gonzalez Jr.) may not have been out for real political protest, but look at where we are, one year later: Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States, and Google is a little bit more sexist. Harmless prank or vast anti-woman conspiracy? You be the judge.

Screencap via Tom McMahon