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This didn’t take too long: Blogger Black Informant reacts to our District’s stunning new HIV numbers by blaming homosexuality for the spread of the disease.

After today’s news, you might think that a D.C. woman’s greatest fear about her sexual partner would be the possibility that he’s infected with HIV/AIDS. According to Black Informant, a woman’s greatest fear is actually that her partner is gay—-and therefore solely responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDS in the District of Columbia:

What is the number 1 complaint I hear from sistahs out in places like D.C., Atlanta, etc. regarding the men? I’ll let you guess that one. I don’t hear the same complaint coming from folks out in North Dakota. . . . To put it bluntly, here is a comment I hear quite frequently from women who live in these areas: “…and when you do find a ‘good’ man, you find out later that he’s gay.”

Black Informant goes on to claim that the “leading cause for this HIV/AIDS jump in D.C.” is “men having sex with men” (he’s wrong—-but more on that later). In a post last year, he explained that the reason “infection among men in Washington D.C. is well over 100 times higher than in North Dakota” is because more men have sex with men here. He then argued that AIDS activists should stop using the faces of African women as poster-children for the virus when the real cause of American AIDS is gay sex acts like “Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fecal sex, Oral-Anal, and Fisting.”

The rise in AIDS cases, according to Black Informant, is because men “consistently choose to do the wrong thing.” That “wrong thing” isn’t being “too stupid to know how to strap on a condom,” Black Informant writes—-it’s “the gay/lesbian community.”

Black Informant fancies himself “one person who is brave enough to say what we know to be true.” But nowhere does Black Informant note that 7 percent of black men and 3 percent of black women in D.C. have HIV/AIDS. He does not note that only .85 percent of the North Dakota population is black (a number surely much lower than that state’s gay population). He does not note that the new study clearly states that “Heterosexual sexual contact is quickly becoming the leading mode of transmission among all HIV/AIDS cases, while already surpassing MSM among newly diagnosed AIDS cases.”

Yeah—-check page 57. (That shit’s a PDF, by the way). The name “Black Informant” is becoming funnier and funnier, isn’t it?

HIV/AIDS is not just a gay problem. HIV/AIDS is not just a male problem. It’s not just a black problem, either—-and those communities, by the way, are not mutually exclusive. HIV/AIDS is everybody’s problem. It affects all of us. Pretending that it is a disease for “sinners” disease is not only offensive—-it’s dangerous.