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Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a story on local alternative gay media that featured Zack Rosen, co-creator of D.C. gay blog The New Gay. Rosen helped TNG develop into an exciting new online community that has courted readers and writers from all sides of the community—-gay, lesbian, trans, and straight (but mostly, young). The blog has only gotten better since Rosen was laid off from his job at a more mainstream gay publication, the Washington Blade. The Post story has this funny back-and-forth, with Rosen talking Blade, and the Blade talking The New Gay:

Rosen, who came to Washington in 2006 and worked at the Washington Blade, a weekly LGBT newspaper, said his editors weren’t always game for his story pitches about indie music or gay cartoon characters — stories he said would appeal to his age group. He checked out J.R.’s. and Cobalt, well known D.C. gay clubs, but felt the atmosphere centered on hooking up. So he started TheNewGay.net, where he and others write about music, television and politics, and promote parties including Homo/Sonic at the Black Cat, a gay-friendly straight bar on 14th Street NW.

Their quest to alter Washington’s gay landscape also reveals the tensions between Millennials and Generation Y-ers in their 20s, and Generation X-ers in their mid- to upper 30s and 40s. Some establishment Washingtonians view Rosen’s efforts as cliche, a cycle that every so often churns out a batch of strivers who feel entitled to a brand.

“I think every young person thinks they’re the new gay,” said Kevin Naff, 38, editor of the Blade, where Rosen worked until he was laid off last year. “When I was that age, I thought I listened to all the cool music and knew all the cool places to go—-that’s what your 20s are for. I think every new generation wants to have their own music, their own language.”

Oooooh, them’s fightin’ words! Is it just me, or does the mainstream media sound a little bit scared that these youngin’s might just be the successors to the gay media throne?