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Today, I wrote a post calling out Black Informant, a blogger who called out homosexuals for the striking new HIV/AIDS numbers in the District. The blogger then proceeded to call me out, in a post titled “Calling Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper.” Black Informant wants to debate me!

“So now the ball is in your court to make a full and complete case without resorting to cut and paste arguments that deny factual evidence,” he writes. “At the end, we’ll let the readers decide their own conclusions.” In order to make known the seriousness with which he was calling me out, Black Informant posted my photograph.

I agreed to the challenge, under the condition that Black Informant send over a personal photo, too. He readily complied (above).

Like me, Black Informant has written extensively on both AIDS and homosexuality. We tend to come to different conclusions. I’ll post my first response to Black Informant’s positions tomorrow.