CAN SARAH PALIN SEE THIS WOMAN FROM HER HOUSE? Some are hailing this leggy blond Livejournal blogger as the future “Russian Sarah Palin” (or at the very least, the Russian Ann Coulter). She’s 24, hates immigrants, and has been photographed “drunk, wrapped in a Cuban flag” (right). An excerpt from her blog:

“Думаю, заметку про меня в Дейли Мейл нужно как-нибудь откомментить. Поскольку журналисты иногда стесняются спрашивать и предпочитают додумывать:)”


Her name is Maria Sergeyeva. Know it.

THE LEVI VIDEO: Hunky redneck expounds on “maturity” from truck:



SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY: Republicans hope for the Palin draw: “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will serve as the keynote speaker at the GOP congressional committees’ annual fundraising dinner in June, helping the party boost its coffers in an otherwise tough climate for collecting cash,” WaPo reports. The gala will be held June 8.

IN OTHER FORMER CANDIDATE KID SPOTLIGHT NEWS: McCain spawn and Daily Beast contributer Meghan McCain thinks women who call her fat can kiss her “fat ass.”

NEXT UP: GAY IS THE NEW TEEN PREGNANCY: New Majority‘s David Frum says Bristol proves the GOP can’t win on morality alone. Anti-gay attitudes still make the cut; traditional family values, not so much. “Many conservatives carry in their heads a mental image of American society that’s a generation out of date. They imagine the existence of a huge class of socially conservative downscale voters, ready to vote Republican because of abortion and gay marriage. The story of Bristol Palin should help puncture this illusion.”

FIRST DUDE WINTER SPORTS CORNER: This anonymous Internet commenter has found a new sport for Todd:
“Run, Levi, run. Sarah and Todd will give you five minutes head start. If you hear a helicopter, try to hide.”