The District of Columbia isn’t the only locality sparing with lawmakers over political license plates. If Virginia state senator Ken Cuccinnelli gets his way, Virginia drivers will soon be able to wear their anti-abortion stances on their bumpers.

Last month, Cuccinnelli supported a bill that would allow Virginia residents to buy ‘Choose Life’ license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Proceeds of the sales would go toward the state’s “crisis pregnancy centers,” outlets which provide freaked pregnant women with information about what to do next—-and it’s certainly not abortion!

The novelty license plates, championed by Choose Life, Inc., are currently “on the road” in 13 states: Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, South Dakota, Montana, Ohio Kentucky, and—-yes, it is too late for them—-Maryland.

When the bill was defeated in Virginia’s Senate Transportation Committee, Cuccinnelli’s initiative was tacked on to another initiative, which was passed. Supporters can already download their “Choose Life” plate application here [PDF]. Just check “Special Interest,” write in “Choose Life,” and agree to fork over $25, and you’re on your way to driving away abortion!

Well, as long as Virginia Governor Tim Kaine signs the legislation into law. Now, Planned Parenthood is asking Virginians to call the Governor to ask him to veto the legislation. If form letters aren’t your thing, you can call Kaine up at (804) 786-2211.