Finally, the debate is over, and we may finally know who is truly to blame for HIV!

As promised, blogger Black Informant has posted a response to my response to his response to my response to his call for a debate based on my response to a blog post he wrote about the District’s new HIV numbers, thus concluding our virtual tête-à-tête. Let me begin by saying that it’s been a blast, and I hope that Black Informant has a great summer and never changes.

Since Black Informant’s post was to be the final one in our debate, which spanned fisting, rimming, irresponsible hedonism, and the importance of a good education, I won’t respond to the points he’s made here. If anyone would like to weigh in in the comments—-by all means. Below, I’ve collected the greatest hits of Black Informant’s closing statement.

“Africa is dealing with an almost completely different set of cultural issues that cannot be compared to the gay and lesbian community here in the West. The only real challenge for us Westerners is deciding whether or not we are going to take it too far in the bedroom. That is a far cry of what is taking place on the African continent.”


“If you are an adult and of sound mind, economic position in life has NOTHING to do with self-control in the bedroom. While many of the various HIV/AIDS studies out there focus exclusively on those infected with this disease, you will be hard-pressed to find a study that focuses on those who are making the right personal choices. No matter what ethnic/economic demographic you study, the majority on this issue has managed to make the right choices and steer away from risky sexual behavior.”


“For the sake of argument, let’s say the average cost of a pack of condoms is about $10. Do you really believe that the low income folks in your district can’t afford a $10 box of condoms? “Low income” does not mean “no income“. If people really wanted to make the right choices regarding their sexual practices, do you really think that a locked display at a local drug store would deter them? If that is the case, then cigarettes must not be selling too well in DC. The low-income population in DC may have its share of problems, but stupidity isn’t one of them.

Thanks for the discussion.”

Thank you!