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Via Feministing comes news of the new “True Fantasy Football” league, a professional football organization that is currently recruiting sexy-yet-sturdy ladies to suit up in mouth-guards and panties in the “Lingerie Football League.” The league is comprised of ten teams across the country, with names like the “Seattle Mist” to the “Miami Caliente.”

The “New England Euphoria” is the closest team to the District; try-outs will be held in Revere, Mass. tomorrow at 10 a.m. The league will officially kick-off on September 4 at Chicago’s Sears Centre.

Feministing had this to say about the league:

objectification at it’s most pernicious—give women an opportunity to participate in a sport that they haven’t had the chance to do for pay and publicly previously, but only let them do it if they’re stereotypically pretty and willing to do it in their underwear.

If that’s not enough irony for you, check this out: In a stunning display of gender equity, the sexy lady football players will be cheered on by sexy lady cheerleaders.

The Euphoria Dance Team will feature some of New England’s most talented/beautiful dance and cheerleaders creating a high energy atmosphere for the thousands of euphoria fans in attendance. The euphoria dance team will also be active in the community with charitable and promotional events throughout the year.

Don’t you love how the Lingerie Football League is already challenging your perceptions of reality through careful word association tricks? Observe:


It’s almost too easy.