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Palin “shocked” at Obama Special Olympics bowling comment, returns money he had allocated for Alaskan special education.

PALIN RESPONDS to Barry Obama‘s quip that he bowls like he belongs in the Special Olympics.

“This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world,” said Palin, whose son Trig has Down syndrome. “These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will.”

Kolan McConiughey, a 35-year-old Special Olympics bowler “who has bowled five perfect games since 2005,” was more forgiving: “He’s a cool guy. He’s an awesome President and he has a very nice wife.”

MORE ON SARAH VS. BARACK: Palin calls the stimulus money offered to Alaska “a bribe” and turns down 45 percent of the funds, some of which would go toward special education in the state. (Huh?)

Asks Alaska Dispatch: “What does that make stimulus money she took, and all the other federal money woven into the state?  What does it make the energy relief money Alaskans received last year? How does this name calling make federal leaders more likely to help Alaska in the future? In these unusually trying circumstances, the governor was wrong not to accept the stimulus money, and she compounded her mistake by injecting divisive inflammatory rhetoric into the discussion.”


OTHER ALASKANS would prefer to keep the cash: They staged a rally in Anchorage over the weekend.

COMPETITION FOR SARAH? “Conservatives size up Sanford for 2012.”

ARE THE PALINS KEEPING BRISTOL AND LEVI APART? Who cares, but maybe, writes Immortal Majority: “I have confirmation that Todd Palin and Levi Johnston had a HUGE argument in Wasilla after Bristol snuck out of the house to see Levi after being told not to. This directly contradicts everything the Palins said about Bristol and Levi’s relationship.”

MORE ON WOLVES: Todd Palmer and Rob Pringle at Huffington Post write long, boring, only tangentially Palin-related defense of wolves. HuffPo tags it “Sarah Palin Killing Wolves.” Spicy!

Photo by aka Kath