Exterior of Good Guys Strip Club

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Vasile Graure, the Arizona truck driver convicted of setting fire to Glover Park strip club Good Guys in 2007, will be sentenced tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. The sentencing has been postponed several times already this year. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll finally get it over with.

On November 20, 2008, Graure was convicted of the following charges:

– Three counts of assault with intent to kill while armed

– Four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon

– One count of aggravated assault while armed

– One count of mayhem while armed

– Two counts of burglary in the second degree while armed

– One count of arson

– One count of felony destruction of property

Here’s what he could face on those charges:
– Assault With Intent to Kill While Armed (three counts): 30 years per count

– Assault With a Dangerous Weapon (four counts): 10 years per count

– Aggravated Assault While Armed: 30 years

– Mayhem While Armed: 30 years

– Arson: 10 years

– Burglary II While Armed (two counts): 30 years per count

– Felony Destruction of Property: 10 years

Photo by Darrow Montgomery