Getting your baby in there doesn’t come cheap.

In his Slate column this week, William Saletan discussed what happens when biological parents stop paying the surrogates who are carrying their fetuses. SurroGenesis is a California surrogacy service that sets up infertile couples with willing replacement mamas, and facilitates payments between the two parties—-well, it used to. It recently announced that its bank account is empty, along with $2 million in payments infertile families had intended for the keepers of their growing fetuses. Dozens of women currently undergoing the arduous and expensive task of carrying another couple’s child are now left without a paycheck.

How much is the going rate for a womb rental, anyway? Check out SurroGenesis’ surrogacy fees—-including $2,000 for “termination” (not guaranteed) and $5,000 for “Loss of Reproductive Organs (very rare)”—-after the jump.

Surrogates Compensation Fee (Experienced Surrogates may require a higher fee): $18,000 and up

Multiples Fee (Payable at 13 weeks of gestation): $5,000

Legal Fees: $5,000 approx.

Psychological Profile Fees: $500 approx.

Maternity Clothing: $750

Mileage reimbursed at 50.5 cents per mile when using personal vehicle

Invasive Procedures Including but not limited to: amniocentesis, cerclage, CVS, DNC, FUS: $500 approx.

Transfer fee (for gestational surrogates only): $750

Insemination fee (for traditional surrogates only):$500

Selective Reduction*: $2,000

Termination**: $2,000

C-Section: $1,500

Canceled cycle fee: $350

Mock cycle fee: $350

Bedrest weekly cap (covering childcare, housekeeping etal): $375 – $1000

Housekeeping (if *NOT* collecting bedrest monies): $120 per month

Loss of Reproductive Organs (very rare): $5,000

Lost wages per surrogate’s paystub/paycheck not paid for by disability insurance: per paycheck stub

Lost wages for surrogate spouse or partner limited to 8 days of a given pregnancy process: per paycheck stub

Medical insurance monthly: Actual cost

Life insurance face value $300,000: $400/yr approx.

Nutritional counseling professional charges (if recommended by ob/gyn): Actual cost

Agency fee for Surrogacy: $12,000

International client surcharge: $1,000

* Please note that not all surrogates will agree to do selective reduction
** Please note not all surrogates will agree to termination

The above is a list of surrogacy fee. This does not include costs associated with IVF, IUI or AI for surrogate.

Photo by davhor.