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Just pay them. Please, just pay them.

Via pukeimmediately: In Malaysia, loan sharks get debtors to pay by sending beautiful women to their homes to bother them until they cough up the money. It’s better than the alternatives, which include “putting debtors in a cage, splashing their houses in red paint or breaking their limbs.”

Malaysia: full of human-sized cages.

But back to the ladies:

“They go to your office or house and sit there” to shame you into paying, said Michael Chong, 60, who has worked for two decades as a mediator between the illegal lenders and their debtors. “If it’s your house, they will wait outside and make lots of noise, and you cannot wallop the girl.”

Some loan sharks turned to the beautiful women tactic after Malaysian authorities began cracking down on the more explicitly illegal attempts at reclaiming cash:

“I’ve had cases where they chain them and put them under a cage,” Chong said. “They will throw paint, put up posters to shame you, take a microphone outside your house. Only the stupid ones will use violence.”

Chong didn’t comment on why surrounding men with beautiful women would cause them to pay money to make them go away.