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Trent Franks, an Arizona Congressman, announced his introduction of the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act,” or “PreNDA,” today. The bill would “prohibit knowingly performing, or soliciting funding for, race- or sex-selection abortions.”

Franks previously introduced a different version of the bill, known as the “Susan B. Anthony Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2008,” in the last session of Congress, but the session ended before action was taken.

The Intellectual Conservative Arizona blognotes that 87 percent of Americans support a law to “ban sex selection abortion.” The race thing is a little trickier. Barring some sort of hidden interracial extramarital affair—-an unlikely scenario—-why would any woman abort a baby based on its race? Isn’t the fetus’ race known before the baby is even conceived?

That’s where eugenics arguments become confused with demographics. According to the ICA:

It is estimated that as many as 50 percent of African-American babies conceived in the U.S. each year are eliminated by government subsidized abortion providers. Following the unearthing of the nation-wide race-targeted abortion donations, civil rights activists and African-American pastors from across the country protested government acquiescence in race-targeted abortion and the government funding of clinics that they believe are purposefully placed in the inner city and targeted to minority women.

Ah, of course! This is not about preventing eugenics (itself a scare tactic used to rile up the anti-abortionists). Nope, this is about denying women the right to choose. Those government-funded clinics are not “purposefully placed in the inner city” to target black babies; they’re purposefully placed there to give poor women an affordable abortion option. The fact that many of those non-white fetuses are carried by poor women is a reality that Trent Franks, apparently, is not eager to address.

So, Franks would like to take away a black woman’s right to choose, lest she choose to abort her black fetus? Yep, there’s only one way to fight eugenics, people, and it’s with unapologetic racism.