Notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church came to town on Monday to protest homosexual sin, George Mason University’s gay male homecoming queen, and “the Anti-Christ” (President Obama). When the protest moved on from GMU and Embassy Row to land in front of the White House, Westboro members were met by dozens of George Washington Univeristy students who had come to protest the protest with a punishment reserved for only the most insufferable of bigots: College girls kissing each other.

The counter-protest was organized by Colin MacDonald and Ian Goldin, GW students who were joined by “between 80 and 100 people” in raising signs, chants, and face-locks against the church. At the height of the action, Freshmen Paige Medley and Lauren LaMonte kissed “to show their support for gay rights.” It looks like there might have been some tongue, but it’s too close to call.

For those also interested in, ahem, showing their solidarity, check out Hatchet photographer Marie McGrory‘s shot of the kiss here.