Maryland Catholics move to enshrine “natural complementarity of the sexes” within impenetrable snowglobe

The Maryland Catholic Conference has come out against the Maryland Senate Bill 566, legislation that would protect against discrimination of transgender persons in the state. According to the group’s executive director, Mary Ellen Russell, the church generally would totally support something like this:

Consistent with our long-standing advocacy on behalf of society’s most vulnerable and marginalized persons, the Church recognizes the intent of this legislation to uphold the dignity and value of every individual. In keeping with that principle, the Church firmly opposes undue harassment or discrimination against any person.

One caveat: According to the MCC, the bill missteps in actually making Catholic groups adhere to that principle!

Senate Bill 566 is a transgender rights bill that would codify in law a distinction between one’s “gender identity” and one’s “assigned sex at birth.” The bill is well intentioned and the Church respects the dignity of each individual. However, such a distinction manifests an egregious violation of our society’s basic understanding of the human person, and the natural complementarity of the sexes. As written, the bill does not include protections for religious institutions, which would be required to comply with the employment and other provisions of the bill in regards to transgendered individuals.

Emphasis theirs. Hmm, okay, so the Catholic church rejects discrimination of all kinds, except for its favorite kinds of discrimination, which it just can’t quit!

Photo by guntzooki