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The AP reports that President Obama has invited more than 100 gay and lesbian families to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll. The majority of tickets are offered online to the public (and sell out within seconds), but the President reserves a number for special guests. From the AP:

Families say the gesture shows that the new Democratic administration values them as equal to other families. And for many, being included in the annual tradition—dating to 1878—renews hope that they will have more support in their quest for equal rights in matters such as marriage and adoption than under the previous administration.

The AP is quick to point out that this isn’t the first time large numbers of gay families have participated in the Easter tradition. In fact, in 2006, the same number of families—-over 100—-attended the Bush-administered roll, “in part to make the statement that they should be welcome.”

Now, the sentiment is different, “more celebratory,” says D.C. resident Leah McElrath Renna, who “attended the event in 2006 and 2007 with her partner Cathy McElrath Renna and their now 3-year-old daughter, Rosemary.” The AP notes that “Rosemary is particularly excited to see the Easter Bunny again and already has planned her outfit: A yellow polka-dotted dress and a new straw hat with a pink band.”

Wait a second—- Rosemary is particularly excited to see the Easter Bunny “again”? This three-year-old kid is going for the third time?

I’m all for extending warm invitations to gay and lesbian families, but aren’t there any other gay and lesbian families we could invite?

I understand the first two times were kind of lame because Bush was still in office, and gay and lesbian couples were going “in part to make [a] statement,” but let’s not forget the other part: You go to the Easter Egg Roll for your kids, who are more interested in like, rolling the fucking eggs. How about we let some other kids have a chance at rolling the fucking eggs?

Photo by donnamarijne