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Last month, Arthur Hu wrote an essay for Asian Week criticizing the mainstream media for not dutifully reporting on the brutal murder of Radio Free Asia reporter Robert Wone. Hu’s argument: “No liberal media outlet has as its villains two gay men.” Writes Hu:

And now, like the late Paul Harvey liked to say, for the Rest Of The Story. The cops put their Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit on the case. Equality Virgina was a prominent gay rights organization. Price and Zaborsky were registered domestic partners who lived in a “gayborhood” and were written up in USA Today when they generously helped a lesbian couple to conceive. That probably explains why the only national coverage besides Asian outlets has been the gay press. On the “Datalounge discussion boards, they’ve basically convicted their favorite suspects as “even Trig Palin could solve this case”.

I don’t understand Hu’s argument here: If the “liberal media” won’t cover a crime with gay suspects because of pro-gay sensibilities, why will the gay press take the story? And if the “liberal media” isn’t dutifully covering the story, where is Hu’s information coming from? He seems to have done no original reporting here. Perhaps he read the liberal City Paper‘s dutiful reporting here, or the liberal Washington Post‘s dutiful reporting here, both of which make clear that Joe Price, Victor Zaborksy, and Dylan Price were gay men who were intimately involved.

I’d venture to say that Hu’s not actually upset at the media for not covering the story—-he’s upset that the suspects’ gayness hasn’t been exploited enough as a motive. Hu admits that the coverage that’s missing here is the conservative perspective: “Indeed, no conservative, not even our own fearless Michelle Malkin has touched the case with a ten foot pole,” he writes. Oh yeah—-justice will never truly be served for Robert Wone until his case gets the Malkin treatment. Just think what ripe homophobia she could add to the discussion.

Photo by Radio Free Asia