Soften your raging homophobia unto me!

If you’re a raging conservative homophobe looking for a prime time interview spot, all you’ve got to do these days is suddenly pretend to be only a mild conservative homophobe, and you’ve got an audience on on Larry King Live.

First, noted conservative homophobe Rick Warren appeared on King’s show to tell Larry that his official position on gay marriage is “oblivious” and that he wasn’t the outspoken supporter of Prop 8 that he appeared to be obviously was last November:


Then, noted conservative homophobe Dr. Laura Schlessinger appeared on the show to tell Larry that everybody has gotten her previous position on gay marriage well-documented anti-gay rhetoric wrong, and she actually thinks gay monogamous relationships are “beautiful” and “healthy” (though still not “marriage” potential):


If these conservative homophobes are sincerely slightly less homophobic than we all imagined, I think that’s just great. But when did Larry King become the go-to guy for softening your past raging homophobia? Here’s to hoping that more conservatives, hearing of Larry King’s openness to declarations of a softer, fuzzier, homophobia, book appearances on the show to stage their “gay-oblivious” political realignments.

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