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Political-royalty-turned-blogger Meghan McCain has launched a new campaign to usher gay rights into her hip, young Republican fold—-but the gay media is not biting.

In the Daily Beast this week, McCain calls gay rights “one of the [causes] closest to my heart,” and insists that “if the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support from a wider, younger base, we need to get past our anti-gay rhetoric.” Later this week, McCain is slated to address the Log Cabin Republicans at their annual convention, and she works hard on the Beast to build up the the gay conservative group’s inclusiveness as a part of its “core Republican values,” while dissing the Democrats for being the party that’s really anti-gay.

“President Obama, for instance, is also against gay marriage—a dirty little secret many of my gay friends were shocked to discover during the presidential campaign,” McCain writes. “But you’d never know it because he always ‘sounds’ so inclusive.”

Actually, Obama’s position on gay marriage is a “dirty little secret” only to the most willfully ignorant of armchair political analysts. Actually, Barack Obama made clear his opposition to gay marriage throughout the campaign. Why? Because the only fucking reason Democrats still adopt that position is so they can stand a chance in the general election, where they’re facing off against the Republicans—-you know, the party that actually doesn’t want gay people to get married.

The Washington Blade has more bullshit to call on McCain’s new number one issue. Blade editor Kevin Naff calls the Log Cabin Republicans “a rudderless group right now, bereft of leadership following the resignation of its executive director . . . and the departure of other key staffers.” But “there are other problems with Meghan’s take on gay issues and the role of Log Cabin in fighting for them,”Naff writes. “Chief among her shortcomings is timing.”

Here’s a dirty little secret for you: Barack Obama is not the only major presidential candidate to have opposed gay marriage in the primary! The point is not lost on Naff, who is miffed that McCain decided to wait until her father lost the presidency to reveal her whole-hearted support for gay rights. “It’s easy to adopt these ‘progressive’ stances when the campaign is over and you’re looking for a provocative gimmick to get yourself booked on Larry King and ‘The View,'” writes Naff. “But when Meghan’s pro-gay views might have mattered, she was silent.”

Then, it gets personal. “In fact, the Blade reached out to Meghan several times during the campaign for comment. We sensed that she was a new kind of Republican, one who doesn’t subscribe to the Rush Limbaugh-enforced code that the GOP remain beholden to the most out-of-touch Christian conservatives on the far right,” Naff writes. “She declined all interview requests, while her father supported Proposition 8 in California and a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Arizona.”

Let the record show that I have also found my attempts to contact Meghan McCain rebuffed. Meghan, if you’re listening: I don’t care that you’re late to the party. I know you’ll be in D.C. this weekend. The offer to down shots in Adams Morgan still stands, girlfriend.