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Now that e-Harmony is legally required to provide dating services for gays, newly single (possible) lesbian Lindsay Lohan has created a video profile seeking love in a spoof on the site for FunnyOrDie.com. In the faux singles ad, Lohan describes herself as “a workaholic, a shopaholic, and, according to the state of California, an alcoholic,” which is pretty funny, and also, depressing.

Daily Intel and Slate‘s XX Factor have congratulated La Lohan on the video, saying she’s found the one way to make the public embrace her again, as XX Factor’s Samantha Henig writes, “in spite of the mess she has become—-or rather, because she is so self-aware of said mess.”

But despite the funny lines she’s been fed, and her willingness to be a good sport by choking them out, I can’t help but noting that Lohan looks mechanical, exhausted, and lifeless throughout this thing. Perhaps it’s too soon for Lohan to enthusiastically embrace self-deprecating jokes on her very recent split with Samantha Ronson. She half-heartedly endures them instead—-below.