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Devon Hunter, a “a career exotic dancer with formal, professional training in dance and theatre,” set out on the streets hit the clubs of D.C. last weekend in the hopes of launching a new safe-sex campaign. All the guys he approached thought Devon Hunter—-who should call me, by the way—-was totally lame.

“I’d asked three people if they’d like to be part of an advertising campaign to promote safe sex. All three rejected me,” he writes. “Two said, ‘Condoms are so 1985,’ and the third said, ‘Condoms are so 1980’s.’ It had never occurred to me that safe sex was trendy, much less that condoms were connected in some way to fashion.”

I agree with Hunter that this does not bode well for the future of the HIV epidemic in D.C. Still, I’m impressed that the condoms-are-lame trend is so specific! One respondent narrowed condom use down to the decade that it became uncool; two pinned the exact year.

Hunter posits that we should mix things up and reestablish condoms as “so 2009.” I say that fashion is cyclical. Now that AIDS is back, condoms can’t be too far behind.

Photo by Jeb Ro