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. . . In which we review the stories that you clicked on the most. But first, a fun Sexist fact: If your name appears in a story on my blog, do not assume that it means I am labeling you a “sexist”! No offense, dudes who have been confused on that lately who shall remain nameless: Sexist refers to me.

Last week on the Sexist (which refers to me and not you!)

1. Welcome to the Anti-Gay Auditions!, in which you’re probably glad you didn’t get the part.

2. Observe and Report‘s Date Rape Apologism, in which commenters argue over who’s actually seen the movie.

3. Why Sex Positivity is Bad for Feminism, in which I enrage entire movements.

4. Big Penis Dating Site Reveals Inches Before First Date, in which we delve inside 7orbetter.com, an online community for the well-endowed (why not enrich your big dick experience with my interview with the site’s creator, who would totally be on the site if he were not married?)

5. Menace to Sorority, in which the sorority members discuss gender issues none of them seem to understand.

Photo by orangeacid.