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The Log Cabin Republicans, longtime gay conservative group and newfound darling of Meghan McCain, are in search of a new leader—-one who’s willing to do less for less. Chairman of the Board Terry Hamilton told the Washington Blade that the organization’s next president “might work less than full-time,” Chris Johnson reports.

“It could take the form of a full-time, or it could take the form of a three-quarter time or something like that,” Hamilton told the Blade. “We haven’t quite decided just exactly what we’re going to be doing.”

Hamilton admitted that while “the organization is currently able to pay its expenses,” it can’t “afford to hire a president with a salary in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Hamilton attributed the discount search to the “times,” which “call for lots of flexibility.”

OMG—-the Log Cabin Republicans should totally hire Meghan McCain as their new part-time president! She can lobby for the hipper, gayer Republican party part-time, blog about the hipper, gayer Republican party part-time, and still have time to maintain her Twitter account while penning her lavishly funded memoir. Who cares if she’s not gay, and at times unconvincingly Republican? She sounds “flexible.”