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In this advertisement for an Argentinian bank, some old dude apologizes to a transgender woman for “treating her badly all this time.” Why? Because the same bank that gave her a loan to start up her hair salon also gave him the loan for his car. This “made him think.” As an apology, he gifts her a carved wooden ballerina. Cue schmaltzy music and bank-endorsing voiceover.

The video’s Youtube description says that the spot “talks about tolerance and teaches us that all people are the same even if they are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.” Feministe allows that the ad presents a “fuzzy messageabout how positive change involves treating transgender people with respect.” It’s also important to note that securing loans is often difficult for women with documents that, as the old man so eloquently states, “shows that you are a man.”

But isn’t it weird that the old dude, in order to apologize to a woman he’s been calling a man, gives her a fucking ballerina? He’s like, “Here. I don’t know whats appropriate in this situation, so I’ll just give you the girliest thing ever. Because while I can now finally acknowledge that you would prefer to be called a girl, I still can not see you as an individual.”

When the old dude gives her the ballerina in the ad, the music swells triumphantly, and the woman is all like, “Para me? You shouldn’t have.” Had this happened in real life, she probably would have gone back into her hair salon, put the ballerina in a drawer somewhere, and said to herself: “That old dude will seriously never, ever get it.”