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According to a recent Pew Forum poll, “Catholics have one of the highest retention rates” among Christian churches, with 68 percent of Catholic kids remaining in the church as adults. Here’s how PR Newswire chose to highlight the poll’s findings:

* Almost 70 percent Catholic youth stay Catholic as adults
* Only 2-3 percent cite sex abuse as reason they left Catholic Church
* Disaffected youth a primary concern

Wait—-“Only” 2 to 3 percent cite sex abuse as the reason they left? Does PR Newswire look at a 2 to 3 percent Catholic sex abuse rate and say, “Meh. Pretty good”?

Tell me more! Closer examination of the presser reveals that “Pew also found that only 2-3 percent of those polled cited sexual abuse of children as a reason for leaving when asked in an open-ended question why they left.”

Whew—-that 2 to 3 percent is referring to the sexual abuse of other children, not necessarily personal experience. Meh. Pretty good!

Photo by alykat