On Twitter. “Oh, Karl Rove follows everybody,” you might say. “Meghan McCain notably declared Rove creepy for following her.”

To which I might reply, were this conversation real: “That is just not true! An impressive 44,891 Twitterers follow Rove. He only follows 42,473. Plus, Meghan McCain doesn’t even follow Karl Rove, though he follows her, making my margin of victory that much more impressive!”

“Yes!” I would continue. “I am among the 94.6 percent worthy of basking in the Glory of Rove’s decidedly creepy user photo (above)! I have so much to @KarlRove!”

I would then take leave of you to gloriously sign in to my Twitter account and actually @KarlRove, only to find that the words would not come—-I really have nothing to say to that guy. I would be redeemed, however, by discovering a new treasure: the @KarlRove Twitter feed. It’s like being inside his head!