Does Kanye Dress Too Gay?” Elizabeth Gates writes on the Daily Beast. The speculation on the impact of Kanye West‘s dandy foppishness isn’t invalid, but it does require a follow-up: too gay according to whom?

Gates makes the case that Westdresses too gay for hip-hop, which she claims has backed off from its full embrace of flamboyant dress—-see George Clinton, Dr. Dre (?), and my personal favorite, Cameo (above). But Kanye isn’t too gay for the “black-male community” in general. Gates’ main evidence of homophobia against Kanye’s lavender suits are Internet trolls. In other words, Kanye is too gay for the most homophobic idiots ever.

Gates writes:

“Only gays wear that [crap]!” wrote blog reader “TheTruth,” while another reader advised that they should “go taste the rainbow.” “Bootylishious” wrote that he/she simply “feel(s) sorry for all those gay dudes,” and sadly, the list goes on. It seems that just as we settle into our most modern America yet, the tradition of black fashion has been lost.

Also lost in the Internet fray: decorum, intelligence, sincerity, accountability. Kanye isn’t too gay for hip-hop—-he’s one of its biggest stars. But he is too gay to escape indiscriminate homophobic Internet trolls, a phenomenon that wasn’t around when Dr. Dre was drawing on eyeliner and Cameo was strapping on a codpiece.

Clinton, though, probably would have been spared. Writes one more fop-friendly Internet commenter, “[calling Andre 3000 gay is] like saying prince is gay. prince is renown for pulling some of the finest woman of all time, in spite of being just so different. . . . oooor beter yet, like calling george clinton gay. lol, u crazy. he’s just a funky individual.”