Breitbart is reporting that Craigslist is “getting rid of its ‘erotic services’ ads and will create a new adult category that will be reviewed by employees of the Web site.” The news come courtesy of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and is currently unconfirmed by the mammoth classifieds Web site. Madigan’s office got pretty specific, though, announcing that current erotic ads posted at the site “will expire in seven days.”

The reported move comes in the wake of media attention focused on Boston University med student Philip Markoff, who allegedly killed a 26-year-old “masseuse” he met through the Web site. You may know Markoff as “the Craigslist killer.” All press, good press, etc.

Breitbart couldn’t reach Craigslist for comment, but its “erotic services” page and FAQ register no notice of the section’s impending doom. If Craigslist does do away with “erotic services,” I have a feeling crafty sex-for-pay providers will manage to somehow find a way.