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In March, the Washington Post announced that it would be expanding its wedding coverage in the paper. “Style is seeking a reporter to help launch a new feature covering local weddings,” read the memo. The new section, the memo explained, would be balancing a major gender inequality in WaPo‘s pages—-it would serve as “the Sports page for women.” Because where men compete to get a ball in a hoop, women compete for the most taffeta, diamonds, and love. They’re basically all the same thing, to women!

Now that WaPo is preparing to roll out this “Sports page for women,” perhaps it’s time we consider to whatother seemingly gender-neutral activities have been crying out for a clearly feminine alternative all along.

A colleague of mine suggested a game: I name an area of interest relegated to the ladies, and you tell me what normal (or “male”) activity it corresponds to. When I say “hair salon“; you say, “gym, for women!” Ready?

1. High School Reunions: _______, for women!

2. Victoria’s Secret: _______, for women!

3. Cosmopolitan: _______, for women!

4. Anorexia: _______, for women!

5. Childbearing, cooking, and vacuuming: _______, for women!

Answers are after the jump.

Answer Key:

1. Scrabble

2. Home Depot

3. The Economist

4. Hunger

5. Careers