In her latest Daily Beast defense of Republicanism, Meghan McCain reveals “Why I Love Guns.”

“So, yes, the girl who wants to legalize gay marriage and thinks the GOP is out of touch with progressive-minded Republicans is fiercely protective of her Second Amendment rights and finds it empowering, especially as a woman, to fire off a few rounds and get closer and closer to the desired target,” McCain writes. “This is one issue where I’m red through-and-through.”

McCain and I have a lot in common: I too, want to legalize gay marriage. I, too, think the GOP is out of touch. I also like to shoot guns. Do these facts, taken together, mean I’m “red through-and-through”? No—-they mean that I hate the Republican party, but I do love fun.

So, Meghan McCain loves shooting guns at the shooting range. Next, we’ll hear that she loves Slip ‘N Slides, blowing bubbles, and tequila body shots. Guns are fun. Let’s keep ’em in the range—-in the hands of the “responsible, trained, and law-abiding citizens” McCain says deserves the right to use them.

Photo by Jon Haynes Photography