After perusing these turn-of-the-century Lysol douching ads, I was left with so many questions—-and so few pre-World War One vagina-odor-controlling husbands to consult. Gchat speculation yielded only one certainty: “if you’re a guy like this, you enjoy the smell of pine cleaner.”

VAGINA 1: these ads are so insane. what i wonder is: was there a time when women believed this, or was there a time when men would lock their wives out because their vaginas smelled?

VAGINA 2: what i want to know is: did they prefer the smell after using lysol?

VAGINA 1: yeah who would want to lick something that had been sprayed with lysol? was douche lysol different?

VAGINA 2: i dont think so. i thought the same thing, and then i thought, there’s no way guys like these are actually going down on their wives.

VAGINA 1: so its just the scent in the air. i guess if youre a guy like this, you enjoy the smell of pine cleaner.

VAGINA 2: can i post this conversation on my blog?

VAGINA 1: sure.

VAGINA 2: how should i id u?

VAGINA 1: hmmm. i dont know. ive never been in a published IM conversation before

VAGINA 2: maybe i’ll just put them as VAGINA 1 and VAGINA 2

VAGINA 1: that works

Photo by mrbill